Reminded by God’s grace…

March 23, 2018

Fridays is one of my favorite day of the week, because not only its TGIF, where most people wants to go to the bar and drink till they drop, I love Fridays because it’s our Youth Night Fellowship. And though it’s challenging at times because of my son, I am still looking forward for this week to attend to our youth ministry. Ministering to youths are exciting, fun, challenging, needs a lot of creativity and adventure and it’s colorful seeing the life of these youths changed by our Lord Jesus. How He’s working in each soul fascinate me. I wonder what will they become when they grow old? Hoping and praying that they’ll be successful in life and that the seeds that we’re planting in their hearts grow and matured and one day, they’ll share what they’ve learned from us and sow seeds to other soul that were lost. They’ll have a lot of journey ahead of them and what we can only do today is to guide, teach them the truth and love them with the love of the Lord. Praying for them that the Lord may keep them and protect them and that they’ll not depart from the Lord.

Looking back at my old self. I once was like them. I can see myself in them. Carefree, sometimes rebel, sometimes reckless, sometimes fearless, sometimes you don’t know where life would take you, emotional, moody and self-reliant and self-sufficient, most of the time know it all. “I know” “I know, right” “I know, I know” these are the common expression you’ll hear from them.

As I looked back sometimes there were thoughts that were coming in the back of my mind that condemned me who I was before. That I am not enough, that my talents, my communication skills and grammar are not good enough. Sometimes there are thoughts that kept me doing what I am doing, hindering word, negative and destructing thought of my past. And when I started entertaining those thoughts, I felt like I am insufficient, I felt weak and unable to face the youth I am ministering, but the Lord is good. When I was attacked by those thoughts, He immediately remind me of His grace, His love, and His promises. And my spirit is strengthened and able to fight back. Knowing God is always on my side, only His name will be magnified. It’s not about me after all, it’s all about Jesus, and how He loved us. Gave up His life, conquer death and give life to those who believe in Him. And being saved by this wonderful grace, what can I do for Him? I cannot just seat there and watch. I must do something. This gift is to wonderful to enjoy only for myself, when He freed me from the bondage, I felt freedom that I’ve never felt before. And I am sharing this to help others, to let them know that there is hope in Jesus. No matter what you’ve been going through, when your world just falls apart, the love of Jesus is there to give us hope, to comfort us and strengthen us. He didn’t promise that there are no hardships, he didn’t say that it’ll be like smooth sailing journey, but He promise not to leave us nor forsake us.

God truly love us.  God demonstrate His own love toward us in that while we were still sinners Christ died for us. (Romans 5:8)

So when Satan reminds me of who I was before, God sure find ways to remind me that His grace is sufficient for me.

Tonight’s topic is on God’s never ending grace and the benefits of His grace.

This open journal is my story with my walk with God and I want to share this to others for inspiration and to share the wonderful love of God and the gift of our salvation through His son Jesus.

To God be all the glory and honor.29251355_1822832191081963_2014498718_o

Photo Credit to : Elaine Que

Author: Beth Paras

I am a mom. I am a learner, I am not a journalist by profession but I love writing and expressing myself in a journal. I am a Christian. I believe in Jesus. And I believe that sharing my walk with Him to other people bring encouragement, hope, light and salvation to the world.

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